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A R T A  F O C


Rafał "Kain" Sarniak image
Born in Wloclawek , but for many years lived in Torun. Boss and manager of the group and president of the Student Juggling Comunity . Casual astronomer and automatic - robotics , motorcyclist . From high school , training aikido , fascinated by martial art of staff fighting , which later brought him to the fascination of staff manipulation and juggling art. His fiery adventure began in Wloclawek, with Frigus Ignis group . Later, co-founder of Torun Spark project and several others. He operating a staff , two staffs , contact staff , dragon staff and pyrotechnic appliances . Besides he trying to manipulate buugengs , and the classical contact juggling .
Emila "Fly" Karczewska
Adventure brought us her all the way from Gorzow Wielkopolski, where she made her debut in several projects. Artist deep in her soul, not only during shows. Her profession are fans, poi and contact juggling.


image Dawid  Wieczorkowski
Whiny, restless, multiskilled soul. Before he became interested in juggling, for many years practicied capoeira, acrobatics, and afro-brasil dance, etc.. by coincidance, he met members of the group Frigus Ignis, who inspired him to circus arts. It started with a staff, and so far this is the main direction of development. Due to his other passions, in Arta Foc he is trying to connect dance, fire, theater and acrobatics into one coherent explosive art.

Adam Jastrzębski
Quiet and settled down. Poi master, eager to share hos knowledge and skills with others. He is also looking for new spinning inspiration.


Aneta image Piwek
Our baby spinning since 2011, comes from Bydgoszcz, where she where involved in work of the local group. Mainly specializes in poi and firebrathing, but also trying their hand with partner poi, diabolo and juggling.



Jakub "Wiewiór" Wadziński image
He would serve with law advice, but juggling art is deep in his heart. Collector of postcards from around the world. He carried on as co-founder of the project "Positive Flames", beginning as most jugglers - poi, but that was not the end. His specialty is diabolo, but also knows what to do with clubs, balls, fire staff, poi and wings.



Agnieszka Rak image
MA in Physiotherapy, possesed by dance. Participant of street artists festivals in Poland, Germany, Austria and Spain. Generally takes dance with hula hoop, belly dance, and dance with fire. "Dancing is my passion, which has been cultivating since childhood, and I want to share it with others during the show. I care to make my performances energetic and encourage the audience to continue to play, that's what I'm tring to do with my show. Encourage everyone to try this portions of energy and have fun. "

image Kinga Szatow
She began her career in Wloclawek Frigus Ignis. Practice on fire poi and fans, though,other equipment are not alien to her.


Paweł "PunQ" Nosowicz  image
Permanent resident of Wloclawek, which is close to Thorn. For many years fascinated by the art of using Poi - he is virtuoso of them. He uses the ropes, and amazes children with giant soap bubbles. In the past, he participated in projects such as: "Frigus Ignis", "Hades", "Dark woje and their Poie". Person positively twisted.