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A R T A  F O C


image Arta Foc was founded in 2006 on the initiative of several students UMK - Justyna " Justynkoo " Kozulska , Mateusz " Stiven " Kownacki , Joanna " Owls " Sarkowicz and Agnieszka " Stokrotka " Kwiatkowska .

image From the beginning the group was mainly fire character , but also acted on stage of circus shows . To promote juggling arts, thanks to members of Arta Foc , in 2007, Nicolaus Copernicus University established the Student Juggling Comunity , which is still closely associated with the group. Arta Foc also took an active part in the creation of the International Festival of circus " Altergrawitacja " , the brainchild in 2004 was " Stokrotka " , and Toruń Circus Art's Day . Since its establishment , very active members were also: Błażej "Werbel " Furman , Michał " Lampi " Lamparczyk , Kasia Konieczna . In 2010 group's activity was suspended, due to the change of the city of residence of several members.image

In 2011, Rafał "Kain" Sarniak start actions to reactivate group . Since that time, Arta Foc replenished people with recognized skills in their fields , affecting the current high level of the group. , We are constantly working to improve our skill level and set of equipment - which we create , and often invent from scratch ourself.

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